Published on 01 March 2023

Fine Tuning: Bass and Treble

Imagine if the world we lived in did not have music; we all would probably be living a very mundane, boring and sad life. Music is something that has integrated so deep in our lives that in the absence of them the world may very well be a completely different place. Throughout the generations, music has been a universal language anyone speaks and understands and has helped build bridges. Regardless to say, music has grown leaps and bounds alongside the human civilization and with it so has the musical instruments. When we are talking about music, these instruments are just as important as they are like a side of the same coin. Music and musical instruments are inseparable, where one cannot exist in the absence of other.

Speaking of musical instruments, a company in Kathmandu is making its way to promote and progress the music instrument industry a step at a time with their genuine products and greater quality of service. Bass and Treble is a prominent retailer of musical instruments and audio equipments under M.A.W music

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